At Vik Construction Company we are committed to the environment and the communities and ecosystems we operate in. According to the Department of Energy, buildings account for 71% of America’s electricity use and 38% of all greenhouse-gas emissions. That’s why, at Vik Construction we are in the process of getting all of our Project Managers LEED NC 2.2 certified and seeking ways to save energy, improve efficiency, reduce waste and using the LEED rating system as a guide for our construction process. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and was established by the U.S. Green Building Council as a benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. LEED helps us continuously improve our construction process by decreasing our overall impact on the environment. LEED buildings have a 25% to 30% improvement in energy use over conventional buildings.

Vik Construction recently completed the 59,000sf Kendall Toyota dealership, which will be the first LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified automotive dealership on the West Coast, and only the second in the United States. The building features exterior panels made of recycled aluminum, photocvoltaic panels on the roof, and a rainwater collection and reuse system that will generate enough water to run the dealership’s car wash and 100% of the irrigation needs. Other sustainable features include a high performance HVAC system, which will be 20% to 30% more efficient than typical building of the same size and low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). We are proud that is project was delivered on-time and under budget.