Our scheduling system integrates schedule and cost data to allow the project management team to track all aspects of the job. A comprehensive view of work elements, manpower, equipment, material deliveries and project milestones, provided the tools to manage your project as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. To ensure that the schedule plan is achieved, Vik emphasizes consistent and clear communication schedule objectives and schedule status.

Instructions to bidders are issued, and pre-bid and pre-construction conferences are held with the subcontractors. In addition, weekly jobsite meetings are held to monitor progress, identify variances and determine remedial plans to maintain the completion goal.


Our Quality Assurance Program is tailored specifically to your building needs from pre-construction stages to final acceptance of the project.

Field verification of critical dimensions and pre-installation conferences assures you that components are precisely manufactured and correctly installed. Products proposed for use in your project are analyzed for their compatibility with adjoining system elements or building features.


As a leader in the promotion of job site safety, Vik is committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and productive workplace. The Vik Safety Program ensures that all activities are in strict compliance with safety regulations.

The backbone of our safety program is our emphasis on accident prevention. Our training programs are designed to improve the skill and competency of employees in occupational safety. Site-specific emergency response plans, for example, help ensure that all craftsmen are properly equipped to perform their assigned tasks in a safe manner. As a result, Vik Construction has a safety Mod rate of .75, one of the best in Oregon.


Vik Construction understands your need for timely and accurate cost estimate information. Estimates you can trust allow you to make informed decisions from project feasibility and financing to material and system selections. You have the assurance that your estimate is accurate, based on Vik’s wide range of experience with various building types along the West Coast.


Value analysis of building systems, components and material is completed during the early design phase to determine the optimum alternative when initial construction cost, maintenance and operation costs, and the design and construction schedules are considered. Our value analysis promises maximum value for every dollar invested.


Timely and reliable monthly reports are produced from which cash flow projections and cost trends can be monitored and adjusted. The Vik cost reporting system has been designed to provide accurate and detailed cost reporting in an easy-to-read format.


With more than 58 years of experience in bidding, purchasing, hiring subcontractors and managing projects, Vik has developed the competitive edge needed to make your project a success. Subcontractors know they can count on Vik projects to be planned and run in a manner that allow them to work efficiently. This knowledge allows them to offer Vik their most competitive prices on bid day.